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Sep 29, 2021

It's Fall! Autumn! The Third One! Whatever you call it, trees have begun the big dump. But the only thing that's fallin' over here at the Hypotheticast is our ratings. Wait.

Anyway, we're doing a couple Autumnal Buzzfeed Quizzes today! Tune in to learn about us, as we learn about ourselves. 

Topics include: Wood...

Sep 22, 2021

Well, well, well. Our beloved Mike is becoming another year older. So he's brought some birthday-party-themed would-you-rathers for us to reaaaaaaally chew on. There's some existential stuff in here, travelers. Come on down.

Topics include: Funfetti, John Steinbeck's The Gold, Ooze Into Your Cracks, Trick Take Me to...

Sep 15, 2021

A lot of folks are quitting their jobs. Nobody wants to work for you anymore. But what jobs are we going to get? This week, we're discussing what it would be like if we changed careers, but in a fun way. Yeah. Fun.

Topics include: The Circle, The Patch Adams Scale, Tiny Anthropomorphic Body Cells, Hoping Someone Will...

Sep 8, 2021

Ahahaha. Wednesday. It's back again.

And so are we! We're playing Red Flags, which is absolutely a game that you all should play, to know exactly where your boundaries are. We all learn something every dang time.

Topics: What If I Was Really Aggressive, Until the Ground Beef Stops, Physical Comedy Can't Be Beat, Mr....

Sep 1, 2021

Oh, yes. It's time for a Romantic Dramedy. Mike and Emily take some randomly generated creatures and create some absolutely juicy shows / movies that will almost certain cause some sort of TV Network bidding war. 

Topics include: Extreme Fantasy Names, SOS I Need You to Come Here Now, I Should Be a TV Writer, Time Mouse...